Client Testimonials

Looks Awesome!

"Just wanted to let you all know how thrilled we were with the recently produced in-store, promotional program. We received samples late last week and proudly displayed them on the wall of our office. It looks awesome! Many people have stopped by to compliment the piece! Great work team!"
Marketing Director (Ready Pac Foods Company)

Amazing Job!

"Your whole team did an amazing job of putting this brochure together with no time and often too much or too little information. Thank you for all your hard work!"
Program Manager (Crystal Geyser Water Company)


"Wanted you to know the latest in-store shelving program finished production. They look great! The VP of Marketing and VP of finance came by the other day and admired it. Thanks to you and your team!"
Marketing Manager (Daily's Beverage Company)


"I received the display concepts. They look awesome!"
Marketing Manager (CPG - Shell / Vent Fresh Air Freshner)

It Looks Great!

"I have sent notice to the Marketing directors in SF and they will be of course stoked. So thank you again for all your amazing help on this. Kudos to you!"
Marketing Manager (Diageo Company)

Hats Off!

"I just want you to know your team's been doing an awesome job under tight time pressures. Hats off!"
Marketing VP - Clorox

In the Zone!

"I just wanted to share with you the number of rave reviews I got on your trade brochure from the trade press. Even one of the icons of the turf/golf press whistled as he paged through his copy. We are already being encouraged to submit it for an award."

"More than that, I just wanted you to know that I thought it was a pleasant, fun, stimulating, challenging, invigorating, gratifying, high-energy, professionally stretching, entertaining and enjoyable experience being in the Zone with all of you."

Marketing Manager (Precision Laboratories - Zone Products)

Fabulous Job!

"Just wanted to say that I think you did a fabulous job on our in-store, consumer shelf messaging programs. The consumer awareness message is right on and the overall creative looks great. The ultimate stopping power on the shelf!"
Marketing Manager (Del Monte Foods Company - Vegetables SBU)


"The artwork for this consumer program is fantastic! The food shot is so appetizing and the colors are just beautiful! One of the best creative executions I've ever seen! Can't wait to see it in the upcoming SmartSource Magazine!"
Brand Manager (Del Monte Foods Company - Tomato SBU)
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